Our company’s main profile is railway construction and maintenance, which is very important in case of Hungary, because it’s railway network is very big (7275), but their condition is  partly out of date, a large-scale of trackway need to be renovated. It’s not just for the passanger transport important, but also for the freight traffic and transport, because the more we build high-quality rail, or improve existing ones, the better flow of traffic.

Why is it important in the construction and maintenance munkálatunk?

What great attention, both because of the vágányoknál it is essential to be in satisfactory condition and thus safer for freight traffic.

What do we do?

Iparvágányok-construction and maintenance, maintenance
-Railway track and railway track-related facilities design


Substructure and superstructure as well as the design, construction, maintenance
-Tracks and level crossings, crossings, construction

While DSB

It is not enough just designed and built the tracks, but care must be taken to safety, integrity, promoting a safety

Our tasks include the railway construction and maintenance, in addition to the tracks while DSB that fully accomplish, from planning to implementation as well as through the elbontásig hand held out the tasks.

Why with us?

We have a variety of tasks listed in the implementation of the options we can offer, which You can choose. It is up to vasútépítésről up to pályafenntartásról, we are always working to ensure our clients the quality. The key for reliability, as in our profession expected precision and accuracy, and therefore the basis for the reliable attitude, that we offer to our partners.

Nationwide, the construction and renovation of several sidings, as well as in the maintenance of our company’s name.