Our company considers the waste, as the waste cleaning up today, making use of null and void. The waste management Act (2000. XLIII a year. tv) States that the concept of waste management activity subject to the waste storage and recycling, as well as the collection and delivery of (waste management permission number: KP/OKTF-10030-6/2015).

Why is it important for waste management?

The consumer society, the continued development of technical articles, produces a huge scrap quantity. We must not forget that what are the harmful effects of waste on nature. The waste stored incorrectly can hurt földünknek. The most dangerous pollution of the soil and the water table, but do not forget levegőszennyeződésről. The ailments include even the spread of infections (mainly related to livestock, since it may contain pathogenic micro-organisms in manure) and an increase in the population of rodents.

Fortunately, we have also long been engaged in the waste management in our country, thus respecting the neglecting those things on their own.

Mainly thanks to the modern technology of the waste to be recycled, so it can serve as a useful part of the used material.

What is waste?

-The people's awareness of the selective waste collection
-The importance of reducing the quantity of waste generated
-The correct and proper storage of hazardous waste
-The destruction of items cannot be used again.

How can WE help the hulladékkezelésben?

-Our experts are kept informed of our conscious waste treatment, as well as the appropriate legislation.
-We will help you create a waste management plan, the returns, and the records to be kept.
-Hozzásegítjük is the most important information and steps.
-Hozzásegítjük green gondolkodásmódhoz our beleláthat by the labyrinthine world of waste management.

The main goal is the prevention of caution and precaution. We treat natural resources sparingly and minimising waste efforts, since it has adverse effects on the environment and the people in it.