Since our company deals with the construction of a railway track, which is why we use authorization for the iparvágányok. That's the way it seems very long, convoluted and savvy and insight, without this procedure to take off Our shoulders, because we have decades of experience.

What do we know about the iparvágányok use engedélyeztetésről?

The granting of very many conditions. The authority of a licence for an indefinite and fixed-term (longer than 10 years used to be fixed for the duration). It is important to know also that the use of the iparvágányokat only after authorization to use, but it is not only the whole length of the railway line, but a portion may be issued.

All that is necessary to allow the use of the siding, you can trust us. All information will be held by, for example, to see what documents are necessary to obtain the full license. We will help you in making what should be included in the application, which shall be submitted to the rail authority.

What should be included in the application?

-Name and address of the representative, if any, may contain the e-mail address
-to be named the construction works
-The date of the initial planning permission and also (with the possible changes in decisions)
-End time
-The date on which it started with siding
-The name, address of the Trustee
-A list of the interested parties in proceedings

In addition to these data, there is a need for additional documents, such as technical design, forgalomtechnikai design, pilot logs, temporary use.

Skilled colleagues will always be available if the siding is the use of engedélyeztetéséről! Contact us and we will save you time and effort!