The appropriate classification of sifting machine and slab tracks is an essential task for the construction of the railway tracks. Material most of the rock, which is the size of the crushed magmatic keresztaljak flexible support. The use of ballast material because of its natural aprózódása cleaning periodically, it is necessary to fulfil the function completely.

What is alátámasztásnak?

We should know that a large part of the stability of the track the track ballast, ensuring adequate resistance to displacement of the tracks. A properly sifted and graded track ballast, which during the construction and maintenance of iparvágányok is inserted into the soil protection and enables the optimal position to track its location. A good ágyazatnak must have good water permeability capability, therefore, classify the sieve and stones.

Why we use mechanical sieving?

The mechanical sieving machines suitable for this large make the appropriate technology to use. The benefits include screening machine that is cost effective, the existing ballast material incorporating the new regenerálásával stone is largely avoidable.

What does the classification slab tracks?

If the slab tracks too much fine particles, you may not be able to fully perform its task. Reduced strength and the elasticity and permeability, which can lead to elsárosodásához the track ballast. The stones are not appropriate due to the classification of the status of the track quickly deteriorate.