What is the perfect concrete or paving stone, where the water presents erodáló. For this reason, great attention to the development of the drainage and any effluent treatment, since these result in all of our work is wasted without.

How can we help you in developing vízelvezetésben, as well as any effluent treatment?

There are special methods for the vízelvezetésnek, but all these before we look at what it is all about: All buildings, including garages, patios, sidewalks, the water is constantly threatening the strength of concrete and stone flooring. What is the task we have set a target to properly guide the procedure as simple as possible, places where water can cause damage.

In what ways is it possible the drainage?

-Folyókarendszer: it is intended to be the draining surface water to precipitate a central sewerage system. For this reason, the system should be lejtenie from several directions. The folyókarendszer also can be made of iron and steel (this is done taking into account the constraints on the spot)
-Point drainage system: the development of This csapadékcsatorna the biggest advantage is that you don't have to develop, in a timely and price slope is lower. Usually kocsibejáróknál and teraszoknál.

We can help you find the most appropriate drainage method, csapadékcsatornát, that you will design the customer demand. Entrust yourself as well as to find a solution, we have all!