Our company undertakes to transport, agriculture, bike and walking paths in the planning and execution of the shell. The production of paving stone cladding, patio, sidewalks, public squares and courtyards, kocsibejárókon, parking lots.

We undertake the demolition debris associated with eltakarítását and elhordását. On request, we prepare the drainage, sewerage, and also the importance of note, since the water is a professionally executed concrete and paving stone cover can easily be ruined. If you do not we create drainage, or csapadékcsatornát later, huge and irreversible damage to the casing.

Concrete lining design

It is very important that the concrete lining construction before we know it, that will be used for the purposes covered in part because other thick concrete for the construction of a sidewalk, necessary as a traffic útvonaléhoz.

We will always consider the magnitude of the load, and the right thickness and strength as we betonburkolatot. If the interface requires heavy-duty, monolithic concrete cover, ensuring the appropriate degree of development and distribution for expansion gaps.

As we all know, that the concrete to heat expands, so the Panel can experience the signs of deformity, which in most cases makes it dangerous for any kind of transport, be it infantry or vehicles. Therefore, the method of treatment to prevent trapping problems.

In addition, we prepare a waterproof, chemical resistant, heat resistant and frost effects betonburkolatokat.

Paving stone cladding

As to the concrete burkolásnál, that place of transits were detected by a paved, according to its own rules. The appropriate skills, knowledge and planning the key to a high quality and aesthetically pleasing paving stone cover.

Primarily the location suitable for compressing the soil, talajviszonyait-vibrohenger, vibrolap, sufficient time and energy to dedicate. This is a layer of grit is track ballast, followed by the top layer, which itself is a paving stone casing. By doing this, we appropriate.