Due to the continuous expansion of market demands, our company deals with construction debris, formed during the processing and recycling of eltakarításával. The concrete breakage and mincing greatly facilitates excellent machinery and machinery equipment maintenance and continuous expansion. Qualified staff and modern machines ensure precise and quick work, breakage, mincing on-demand betontörmelékek.

We not only break the debris, eltakarítását and the instead of mincing, concrete recycling, as part of the demolition waste it can – second as raw material-the new roads (bicycle and pedestrian roads, motorways) construction.

The purpose of the betontörés and grinding:

-Reduce the load on the environment and waste
-Development of environmental work
-Saving of raw materials is important to us
Reducing the demand for landfill sites-a prominent task.

How to implement the waste management for the betontöréssel and darálással?

The dismantling of a building or work most ditches may be necessary. The resulting concrete waste darálással recycling and prepare it for you. If it is pure betondarálékról: autóbejárók filling and use yard outdoor floor tiles, as well as upload you bike and hiking paths, and can also be used for the construction of highways, road. The basis for the autóbejárók.

Modern concrete breakage and condemned our highly effective, since the site is a part of the waste can be reused, so the raw materials extracted from the wild may not be extracted and delivered to the right place. This saves a considerable amount of time and energy.

We can help you with our expertise, you can protect the environment together!