In what areas we are present?

Sewage system construction

The removal of the water channel, as the best way for our ancestors had no longer a novelty. They’re in the water and wastewater drainage system on drainage tried to solve. What is the infiltration and rainwater drainage, planning and szivárgók.


One of our tasks in the civil engineering part of the kender, what are the charges is essential for the vízelvezetésénél töltésvédelem. The aim is to guide you to the excess water, shielding your way whether the dangerous traffic on it.

Szögtámfal, súlytámfal

The retaining wall located in the soil support behind them. Is that its own weight can be supported by the mass of that basin can hold. Several types of material, such as the monolithic concrete, brick or Ashlar.

The civil engineering part of the areas, the profile of the removal of the debris and Earth.